Preserving the Moment

That is what an expertly mounted trophy is all about…preserving the moment for your future enjoyment.

Located in Merlin, Oregon, our family business has served clients in Oregon and surrounding states for 40 years. Eells Taxidermy provides a friendly, efficient taxidermy services. We offer a high quality product at reasonable rates to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Myself, my wife Raquel and my three sons, Hunter, Bow and Trigger are all experienced hunters and have a hunters appreciation of what animals look like in their natural state.

A mounted trophy provides the hunter with a visual reminder of a special moment, a moment when everything came together to provide the opportunity to take a trophy worth preserving. It may not be a record breaking head, but it is the achievement of your magic moment. It is our pleasure and our responsibility to assist you in obtaining a lasting specimen worthy of your effort.