Preparing Your Trophy

Please call Chet, if possible,when field dressing with any questions regarding preparing your trophy for Taxidermy work. (541) 479-4640

preparing for your rug


Cut on dotted line down stomach, inside legs to last joint
of toes. Clean all fat and meat off.

Head Mounts


Cut around body one foot behind shoulders, cut down line on back side of legs follow through with your cut to bottom of brisket, cut up back of neck to base of skull.

Head Mounts

Trophies must be taken care of within 24 hours in warm weather and within 48 hours in cool weather.
Bring to Taxidermist as soon as possible or put in freezer. If you can’t freeze you must skin out the ears, tail, lips and toes.

Remove all fat and meat, then salt with 1/4 inch of salt all over flesh side of hide.

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your trophy for delivery to our studio:

  • Wipe skin clean with cloth or towel.
  • Keep cool.
  • Fold hide in half-hair side out-skin side inside.
  • Do not wash or submerge in water.
  • Never use a black plastic bag for transporting, a game bag is best.

We assume no responsibility for improperly handled skins.